This period was torturous for the mathematician. So many new languages, but he never spent the time to familiarize himself with the traditions of any of them. Some may have thought it disrespectful or irresponsible, but far to the contrary, this was his sanity—his greatest responsibility.

Yet, what if he was never sane? Was a person ever truly sane if they aspired to be detached from reality? Locked away in a porcelain tower of artificial systems and quantifiers? What was sanity, really? Perhaps it was simply a means of distancing a certain type of people from the rest of operant society…

          “You must have a disorder if you cannot function in the impossible world we have prepared for you!”

A failed piece. Maybe these pills, will help you.

          “If we numb you enough, perhaps you won’t mind the mindless droning about that is your destiny as predetermined by your oh-so-caring benefactors.”

Afraid for the purpose, forever a slave. Abused and remedial in a spiteful plane. Fret the contract, signed in blood, to work for your death, endlessly on.