• The Mathematician


      In the midst of a lecture regarding the tangent spaces of manifolds and covariant tensors, our traveler is exposed as a student of mathematics; the mathemati...
  • The Soldier


      We head out to the night fire range. Rumor has it the presence of a first sergeant or an officer is mandatory during live fire exercises. However, on this pa...
  • The Dead

      The Arrival

      A chill hung heavy over the soldier-no-more. Northwestern air had been absent from his lungs for what seemed like years. A refreshing sweetness sucked in and...
  • The Climax

      In Memoriam

      We often forget in our focus with the sound and fury of our existence that life, although we do take it ever so seriously, is a tale of idiots told by ano...
  • The Pale

      Empathetic Emaciation

      I didn’t really care anymore. Love rejected, so I just kept drinking like Bukowski. I shared his sentiment. Sometimes life was better goggled up; most of the...
  • The Philosopher


      I thought to myself, why might I align myself with any philosophy of man? As they are all so seemingly presumptuous. Yet, I myself am a man. I am not capable...
  • Familial Ties


      When I was an infant my grandfather held me while he was in passing. I am subject to conclude that a piece of his soul must have imparted to me in that cold ...
  • Timeless Chatter

      Erastes and Eromenos

      This will be the last time your eyes meet mine. -Why teacher? Am I unsuitable to you? No, you are suitable to me.
  • B-Sides


      I was daydreaming about former lovers and lives long past. I hadn’t the faintest, but the twinge of this recurrence overwhelmed me. The haremic desire to be ...